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Old Delhi

Visual Identity for a City Rebranding 

A place full of stories, Old Delhi welcomes its visitors with open arms, encouraging them to make their own memories in a land away from home. Old Delhi has been a muse to poets and storytellers across centuries alike - no place, perhaps, is more evocative of the magic of stories and the power of memory than the Moonlight Bazaar (Chandini Chowk), designed by Princess Jahanara Begum, a famous poet in her own right. It is one of the few places left in the new Republic where you can find yourself floating through sound and memory, where markets glitter with beautiful keepsakes and delicious smells hold your senses captive. The Old City is a place of stories: a delicious melting pot of sounds, senses, and human imagination.


To create cohesion between print and environmental pieces, we called on local artists to add floral-inspired from Mughal architecture and paintings, created patterns and textures to outdoor environments. The refreshed walls signal a change of scenery around the Old Delhi 



Art Director & Designer: Annie Bhardwaj
Copywriter: Manasi Rathore, Annie Bhardwaj 

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