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Casa Estrélla

Branding for a Luxury Boutique Hotel

Inspired by a diary and old photographs found in an old lost family trunk from 1885. This secret treasure sparked us to follow a trail of clues that follows the history of Calistoga itself to discover the woman who wrote the diary, an incredible woman, of African and Indigenous descent. It is a story of a brave runaway slave that escaped a plantation back in the 1830s to find herself and her son freedom and a better life. Casa Estrélla was born from the old family house of Estrélla build in the late 18th century, a place full of history and life, reinvented to create a vital experience that flows from the essence of the hotel itself, where the stone, water, and the sun combine to create the highest luxury; the home away from home. 


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Casa Estrélla is a guiding star to all the creative, adventurous, and positive people out there, who are looking for walls within which to rest, explore, dance & celebrate life. The look reflects the brand’s vision of creating an alluring space, merging traditional and modern architecture, an organic balance between the old and the modern. 

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El Bar 1830 is built to celebrate life & the brave soul of Estrélla. A unique bar, with roots of stone, water & sun combined to create the highest luxury. It is an experience for the soul, senses & emotions; where every detail is thought to inspire the guest to celebrate the present moment.

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Creative Director & Designer: Annie Bhardwaj
Video Editor: Isac Ivas

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